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Meals are distributed once a day. (3 meals from the delivery day’s dinner until the next day)

Delivery times are 9:30 to 18:30. The delivery time cannot be specified.

Before delivery, the delivery staff will call to confirm that you are at home. (First call)

The meal will be packaged in a plastic bag and will be left in front of your house.

The delivery staff will call when the meal is delivered in front of your house. (Second call)

If you do not answer the phone, the meal will not be delivered. We will not redeliver under any circumstances.

The delivery staff will not press the intercom. Please do not meet the delivery staff in person.

The final meal delivery is until the end of use notified by the Health Center or Nagoya city.Please keep in mind that even if the medical treatment period is extended,the meal distribution service will not be extended to ensure that as many people as possible receive it.

If a retort meal set is available, you must apply for one or the other. It is not possible to apply for both or to switch during the course of the program.

If you wish to discontinue use before the end date for personal reasons, hospitalization, etc., please contact us as soon as possible. Please follow the procedure from "Change End Date" on the reception screen.

Please put your meal in the refrigerator.

The food container is compatible with microwave ovens.

Please dispose of the food container properly by yourself.

By applying for the meal delivery service, you agree that the business operator and Nagoya City will use personal information to the extent necessary to implement the meal delivery service. Personal information will be managed appropriately.

As a general rule, the first meal will be delivered two days after the application is completed.

Registration will be done when the submission of the form is completed. Reception is available until 18:30. The schedule above is a only a guide and may be delayed depending on traffic conditions.

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For those who have allergies to other items (other than those selected), those who have difficulty chewing or swallowing, or those who wish to have infant food, please contact us.

Add people who live with you.

If you have people who live with you, you can register at the same time. Press add_circle and enter the required information.